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1. MATCHES AND COMPETITIONS to be played on the dates set or forfeited. The committee may rearrange a league match only if they agree that it is a reasonable request or an emergency, but if there are still four registered players available then the match is to be played or forfeited.

2. A TEAM OF AT LEAST FOUR PLAYERS should be at the venue withtheir names displayed and ready to start the match or the team that is ready may claim the games as stated at the above times.

3. Any team failing to turn up for a match (Rule 2) without committee approval may be removed from the league and competitions forthwith, the players and possibly the venue barred for 3 years (Committee ruling final).

4. POINTS FOR WINTER;- 2 Pts for a home win, 3 Pts for an away win. All frames count.

5. VOID/FORFIET MATCH... 5-0 score for claimed or void matches and offending team have 5 Pts deducted from they're total chart points for each offence.

6. POINTS FOR SUMMER:- 1 Pt for each frame won, 2 Pts as extra for the win, or 1 Pt each if drawn.

7. VOID/FORFIET MATCH... 5-0 score for claimed or void matches and offending team have 5 Pts deducted from they're total chart points for each offence.

8. ONLY REGISTERED PLAYERS of that team may play and a player can only sign for one team per season. Players can only sign on for a team up to the turn around up the season and with 8 clear days before playing.

9. Rule 20 or any team playing unregistered player/players will forfeit the whole match, rewards and trophies void Rule 5 and 7 also apply. WINTER ONLY:- team may be dropped down a division at the end of the season.

10. TEAM SHORT OF PLAYERS any team short of players may in an emergency play the Landlord/lady, Manager (Home and Away), Steward or person in charge of the bar at (Home only) and providing they are not registered to any other team in the league. This player can play in the singles but only in the doubles if they are making up the fourth and/or sith player and must when signing the result card indicate on the card, Landlord/lady, Steward or Barperson this is for signiture checking. Any other frames are fortieted.

11. ANY PLAYER UNDER 16 YRS. Must have the approval of the league committee before registering. Under 18 yrs old requires the approval of the venues at least 24 hrs before the match.

10. ANY PLAYER UNDER 16 YRS. Must have the approval of the league committee before registering. Under 18 yrs old requires the approval of the venues at least 24 hrs before the match.

12. Transfers not accepted from venue to venue, only inter pub/club transfers may be allowed on a permanent basis if the team is in danger of folding up. This request to be made in writing and the committee to agree.

13. THE MATCH consists of 6 singles and 3 doubles. 4 or more players constitutes a team. Player plays once per section. First section home teams to display all their singles, then the away team. Unless Rule 2 applies. Second section home teams to display all their doubles, then the away team. Unless Rule 2 applies.

14. KNOCK OUT CUP. Both teams to simultaneously select display each section. Unless Rule 2 applies. If a team is short of players the frame are forfeited, no one to play again in that section.

15. REMAINING PLAYERS to be at the venue before 8.30pm to play in the singles and 9pm to play in the doubles.

16. PLAYERS NOT AT THE VENUES by these times will forfeit the frame or frames unless prior arrangement was made and the player/players arrive at the venue before the start of the frame prior to theirs (Captains decision).

17. PLAYERS MUST BE AT THE VENUE before displaying their name and the names may only be altered until the away team displays their names. Once this is done the names are not to be altered.

18. REFEREEING to be alternated, with the home team to start. The referee should be totally un-biased and give his/her full attention to the game and the rules. The players should play in a sportsmanship manor.


20. RESULT CARDS. Home team to supply an unsigned result card (or paper) on the match night. The winning team to return the card by the Tuesday after the match. No written result, no points.

21. ONLY REGISTERED PLAYER(S) TO SIGN THE RESULT/PAPER in the relevant position for single and or doubles.

22. IF THERE ARE SPACES on the result card / paper, then the spaces equal zero and any won games equal zero.

23. IF RESULT CARD / PAPER is not signed as per Rule 20 then Rule 9 and Void Rule 5 or 7 apply.

24. NO POSTPONED MATCHES but matches can be pulled forward providing other team agrees. If the other team does not agree then the match is to be played on the date stated or forfeit match unless committee overrides.

25. COMPLAINTS to be in writing and received by the secretary by the Tuesday after the match.

26. Any player/players or teams barred from a club/pub or venue may also be removed from the league and all the competitions with a season to life ban depending on the situation (Committee to decide).

27. PLAYER IN CONTROL is when a player or partner touches the table at any time for any reason. In the doubles once a player is in control of the table there is to be no conferring. Player must play his/her own shots until the end of the visit. The referee is to enforce this rule, also to stop barracking and shots being called by other players or spectators. Referee to caution all first but if it continues to award the frame away. 8 ball playing rules to apply as agreed by the committee.

28. FINAL SCORE is when all 9 frames have been played/claimed or when landlord/landlady calls time calls time (22.30 or 23.00) with 10 minutes to finish the frame only. Conclusion of that frame is the final score. If a draw then 1 Pt each summer and winter, frames not played or frames not finished within the final 10 minutes are forfeited. NO NEW FRAMES TO START AFTER 22.20 or 22.50.

29. K/O CUP SINGLES AND DOUBLES to be played at venue drawn or forfeit, NO postponed matches. Committee may override.

30. KNOCK OUT CUP. First team to 5 frames wins, if the match is not completed on the night then must continue with the outstanding frames on the first night available at the same venue and times as in Rule 27.

31. ONE MINUTE RULE. In any frame the player with the visit to the table must play a short and ever shot thereafter within one minute of the balls stopping (If snookered then 90 seconds) or forfeit the turn at the table. Referee to give 30 and 10 second warnings.

32. THE CAPTAIN is responsible for their tables, players and supporters/followers of the team from when they arrive at the venue and until they leave. This includes that the result card is filled in correctly.

33. ALL SIGNATURES to be on the result card must be done before both captains sign at the end of the match otherwise the un-signed frames are void. Signing of the cardbe done before players leave the venue (Rule 20).

34. ANY PERSON that the committee put in charge of a match, competition or venue that this committee controls is to have the respect of all players and supporters and his/her decision is final.

35. BEFORE ANY TEAM is invited into the following season they must have completed the previous to the satisfaction of the committee that also includes the sportsmanship and the behaviour of their players and supporters.

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