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Minute Rules
Table Rules
1. The one minute starts after the break and then from when all the balls are stationary or after the referee has checked the final resting place of the cue ball when in tight situation. (The one minute rule also applies to any player that is not in the room at the time of their visit to the table)

2. The oncoming player must then play a shot with in that time. The Referee will call the time "30 seconds" and "10 seconds" as a reminder of time left. (If a player has not visited the table with in the one minute then stop is called and Rule 7 applies).

3. Then if the player cues with in the last ten seconds call and plays the shot in a continued un-broken movement which goes over the one minute then no penalty will be given as it is deemed as part of the one minute.

4. If for any reason the player changes the original shot, as per "Rule 3", then the referee will call stop and Rule 7 applies

5. If any reason the player plays the shot after stop is called then this is a foul and two visits, free table is awarded to the oncoming player or game if the black was potted after stop was called.

6. If a player is in a snooker then an extra "30 seconds" will be added onto the one minute.

7. If a player has a stop called against him/her, then the oncoming player has two visits and free table. The player can playthe cue ball from that position with a free ball or within the 'D' and a free ball. Rule 6b Pool Playing Rules applies.

8. If a player / pair is given 2nd stop call within the same frame, the frame is awarded away.

9. Referee is to notify the player / pair. I.E. 1st stop call, 2nd stop call and warn the player or pair the next stop call is loss of frame.

10. The player may ask any questions to do with the rules but it comes within the time remaining for that player.

11. The referee has the right to halt the time when a problem arises that needs to be checked and then continue the time without penalty to the player in control of the table.

12. The referee decision is final