Everards & Thursday Invitation Pool League
New Cloth
When a new cloth has been in use a short time, small spots may appear. These are oftern suspected as "moth marks". In fact, they are "cue Stabs", caused by players allowing their cues to come into contact with the cloth after striking the ball; an especially common fault oftern unsuspected when the ball is struck below mid-centre. When the cue tip is thus brought into sharp contact
with the cloth, tightly stretched on its unyieding slate bed. A little of the nap is removed and the alleged "Moth mark" results. These marks will gradually become less noticeable as the cloth ages. This type of damage is caused all the more frequently if the edges of tips or ferrules are allowed to become sharp or rough, or if the tips do not exactly fit the cue. The dropping of balls, or rough handling of rests can cause simular blemishes; as also can the tossing of coins onto the table bed, which should be absolutely forbidden.

The Nap
On the bed-cloth of a pool table, the nap runs from the 'D' end to the 'Head Spot' end, On the cushions it is in the direction of the arrows as in the diagram.

We have seen operators brushing a cloth hard against
the nap or scrubbing it round and round. Both are fatal to the condition of the cloth and, in fact, a new cloth may be so injured in this way as to make it impossible to 'SET' the surface again properly. The table should be brushed the running wayof the nap of the cloth i.e. from the 'D' end to the other, and in doing so you merely follow the lines on which the manufacture produced the original nap on its surface.

Iron with a clean but not too iron. Test the iron for heat on a sheet of newspaper. If there is the slightest scorching of the paper, allow the iron to cool before using it. An iron too hot dries the wool fibres which will make them brittle and the cloth more susceptible to wear. Iron the bed-cloth only- Never the cushions.

These require no other maintenance than regular brushing, again with the run of the nap.

Ball Runs
Regular cleaning of ball runs with a duster will help keep your pool table trouble free.

Pool Table Care Instructions