Everards & Thursday Invitation Pool League

Its the Home team is responsible to supply, filling in the team names, division frame scores final scores and the date of the match. Failuer of any of above will result in a point deduction.

Winning team responsibility to send the card off. The card must arrive no later then Tuesday 8.30pm. A late card will result in a point deduction.

Result Card
  1. Home team's name
  2. Away team's name
  3. Division No. of both teams
  4. Home singles signiture
  5. Home players scores
  6. Away singles signiture
  7. Away players scores
  8. Home doubles signiture
  9. Away doubles signiture
  10. Final home team score
  11. Final away team score
  12. Home captain's signiture
  13. Away captain's signiture
  14. The date of the match