Everards & Thursday Invitation Pool League
The Everards Pool League first started in the summer 1979 with the help of "Everards Brewery Ltd" who supplied the Annual Trophies for Division 1 Winners and the Teams Knock Out Cup. A long side the league "Everards Brewery Ltd" also started an in house competition where the final house winner after several weeks of play offs would then go to the "The Glen" Hillsborough Road, Leicester to play off to the final winner of all the "Everards" venues that had entered.

In November 1981 the pool league was taken over by some members of the pool league who then formed a committee appointing J.C. Elliott as the chairman/secretary and J Keating as a secretary/treasurer

The Everards Pool League continued to run and get stronger with more and more teams wishing to enter.

We could only at this time take teams that were entered from Everards venues.

We started to get requests from other public houses that were not Everards venues so we opened the league to include venues that sold Everards Ales.

Later we decided due to the amount of pressure of requests from other pubs and clubs that were not in the Everards group to open up the League and rename the Pool League which would include some of the names of the League's that had folded with in the Leicester area but still keeping the name Everards as the main body of the League and priority still goes to Everards venues.

The main leagues that had or were about to folded were Thursday Open Pool League, Thursday Invitation Pool League, Thursday Pool League and the Leicester Pool League.

We decided to rename the league the: -


In the winter seasons from approximately 1987 we have been regularly having six or seven divisions with 12 teams per division and in the summer season, which is run for those teams that play in our winter season only, we have had at least half to two-thirds of the teams entering.

Joe Keating and John Elliott helped in 1983/4 with other Leagues in the Leicestershire area to start the Leicestershire County Pool Association.

We stayed at the Leicestershire County for approximately eight years and were County Referees for the duration of our stay. We also had referees with in our League to the high County standard.

The referees in our league also helped to referee and run the Everards Annual Competition known as "The Glen Competition". We continued to do this for quite a few years until Everards Brewery discontinued the competition.

The Everards Brewery supplied the venue for the presentation night until the Glen Hall was closed down. A few years later the League received a sponsorship from Everards Brewery that we are grateful for.

The committee of the league, on the behalf of all their past and present players, wish to thank "Everards Brewery LTD" for their continued support and sponsorship, also we would like to thank "Q Leisure (LEIC) LTD" for their donations since 1999/00 season.

The History of the Everards Pool League